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Is Brushing Too Long an Actual Problem?

Posted on 4/30/2019 by Dr. J. Derek Tieken
Is Brushing Too Long an Actual Problem?We have seen some interesting things in the dental world, believe us. Our patient's mouth come in all shapes and sizes- and levels of tooth brushing. For some of our patients, brushing has been something they only do occasionally, when they are thinking of it.

For others, brushing is something they feel they have to do every single time they put a piece of food in their mouths. You would think that the first person we talked about would have more oral health problems than the second case, but that is not necessarily true.

Truth is, if you brush too long or too often, you can damage your teeth. Not sure what we're talking about? Keep reading for some tips if you may be brushing your teeth too long.

Two Minutes, Twice a Day - And That's It

Two minutes does not seem like a long time. It's a Super Bowl commercial- or four commercials, depending on how long the ad is. However, two minutes is really all the time your teeth and gums need if they are brushed well. In two minutes, you should be able to cover the front of your teeth and the back of your teeth with small, careful, rounded strokes.

If you brush longer than two minutes, you run the risk of brushing too long and hard over your teeth and gums. This can cause problems. First, you may brush some of the protective enamel off your teeth- which is designed to protect your teeth in the first place from acids that create holes in your teeth. Second, you can irritate and inflame your gums. Your gums might swell, and this prevents you from getting at those food particles you were aiming for.

We Can Help Ensure Your Mouth is Healthy

If you can remember to brush for two minutes, two times a day, you will make sure you are helping your teeth and gums, and not hurting them. Want to learn more about the importance of brushing to your teeth? Give us a call! We love to talk oral hygiene!
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