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Cone Beam
League City, TX

A woman being scanned using 3D cone Beam machine with Dental Assistant at Tieken Smiles Dentistry
Have you ever wondered what a 360-degree image of the inside of your mouth looked like? Maybe you have not thought about it before today, but you must admit, that must be pretty impressive! We here at Tieken Smiles Dentistry agree, which is why we like to use a Cone Beam 3D imaging device at our office.

Instead of conventional dental X-rays, which are only able to capture certain sections of your mouth, we are instead able to merge hundreds of individual images together to allow us to see the entire inside of your mouth at once. Our Cone Beam 3D imagining machine, in turn, allows us to provide you with superior dental care no matter what type of dental procedure you are about to receive from us.

What is a Cone Beam and How is it Used?

A Cone Beam 3D imaging device is a specialized type of technology that allows us to take several images – called views – of the inside of your mouth, all at one time. This is a type of computer topography (CT), though it does differ from conventional CT imaging. Not only does it create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth, it far exceeds the data we could receive from a standard X-ray. We can get a closer look of not only your teeth, but also your nerves, your blood vessels, your bones, and all of your oral soft tissue.

The Cone Beam 3D imaging device allows us to provide you with better diagnostics and a more comprehensive treatment plan for dental services like wisdom teeth removal and Invisalign. For instance, if you are suffering from dental impaction (teeth that refuse to break through the gums), we can better see the site of impaction and help plan a course of action for you. If you have been considering dental implants, the Cone Beam will help us plan their placement more accurately.

Patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder can get an accurate diagnosis after a Cone Beam 3D image. Even in instances of oral trauma or other events that may warrant oral surgery, the Cone Beam excels as a treatment device, allowing us to assess and diagnose the affected site and proceed better.

During your Cone Beam 3D image, we will ask you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. If you are wearing any jewelry or metal (such as spectacles or jewelry or garments that have metal components), we will have you remove them before we take any images. The Cone Beam 3D imaging device will then take a full 360-degree revolution around your head, capturing over 150 to 200 images in a very short amount of time (usually less than just 20 seconds). The amount of radiation from the Cone Beam is minimal, less than 3 days’ worth of normal radiation exposure. This is significantly lower than conventional CT imaging, which draws over two years’ worth of radiation in a capture. That makes this an extremely safe and highly beneficial procedure for our patients.

See Us Today

If you would like to learn more about our Cone Beam 3D imaging device, or you would like to set up an appointment with us, please give us here at Tieken Smiles Dentistry a call at (281) 942-0444 today!
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