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If you are looking for a practice that truly cares, look no further than Tieken Smiles Dentistry. Our practice culture embodies the principles of honesty, quality patient care and laughter. We do everything we can to provide exceptional service as we help you learn to love your smile.

Dr Derek Tieken

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Our dental care in League City, Texas, is dedicated to one thing: you. Our dentists and team believe that every smile is precious, and we do all that we can to make sure our patients know how much we appreciate and care for them through our exemplary service.

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Dr Derek Tieken

Meet Dr. Derek Tieken

Knowledgeable and kind, Dr. Derek Tieken knows that the key to a healthy, happy smile is excellent care.

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Dr Derek Tieken

Meet Dr. Dylan Rutherford

Meticulous and compassionate, Dr. Dylan Rutherford is here to help you improve and maintain your oral health.

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“The Million Dollar Smile”

“The Million Dollar Smile: Changing Lives With Cosmetic Dentistry” takes a frank look at the most common cosmetic and restorative treatments used to enhance your smile.

Coauthored by experts in the dental field, this book provides honest and informative details describing each treatment method and the mouth-to-body relationship, and it offers advice for patients looking to improve their teeth.

Dr Derek Tieken

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