Looking for an alternative to braces? We offer clear aligners in League City, Texas, to help adjust your teeth and create a more uniform smile. Contact Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-334-4944 to learn if you are a candidate for this orthodontic and cosmetic treatment and schedule a consultation with our dentists, Dr. Derek Tieken or Dr. Dylan Rutherford.

There is no such thing as being too late to straighten your smile, and clear aligners can help patients of all ages achieve healthier, more beautiful teeth without requiring the extra time for brushing, flossing and multiple dental visits that traditional braces need. If you worry about the dietary restrictions and bulky feel that orthodontic treatment may place on your smile, worry no more! Clear aligners are made of a thin, clear plastic that fits snugly over your teeth for a discreet, almost invisible procedure. They are also removable, meaning you can still enjoy your favorite foods.

When you visit our office for your clear aligner treatment, our team will start by taking digital impressions of your smile. These impressions will then be used to design custom-fit aligners, which will be made in an out-of-office lab. Our dentists and team will explain to you the best practices for wearing and caring for your aligners. When each set of aligners is delivered, you will be asked to wear them consistently for about two weeks before moving on to the next pair. We will examine your mouth to determine whether you are ready to switch to the next set. Over the course of treatment, your teeth will gradually and comfortable shift into their proper positions.

Clear aligners are easy to care for, as they are removable and can be cleaned when taken out. This also makes it easier to care for your teeth as you would without orthodontics. To learn more about clear aligners and how they can transform your smile, call our team and schedule your consultation with our dentists.

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