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Do you need more extensive care for your smile? If so, Dr. Derek Tieken and Dr. Dylan Rutherford provide full-mouth reconstruction in League City, Texas, to help restore your smile. This service may involve different dental treatments as part of your treatment plan, which will help repair the functionality and appearance of your smile. Call Tieken Smiles Dentistry at 281-334-4944 to meet with our dentists and team today.

You may believe your smile is beyond saving, but that is not the case! Whether you have suffered from a severe dental injury, or if years of neglect have damaged or decayed your smile, we can help. Our experienced dentists can offer full-mouth reconstruction using a series of restorative treatments chosen to meet your specific dental health needs, repair or replace your damaged teeth, and restore the full function and beauty to your smile. These treatments may include:

Each of the above treatments is designed to care for your smile by repairing chipped, broken, decayed, infected or missing teeth. Our dentists and team can work with you to decide which treatments are best for you, to create a personalized treatment plan, and to provide instructions for at-home care that will ensure you achieve the healthy new smile you desire. The entire reconstruction process may take time as we complete each individual treatment, and our team will discuss the projected timeline with you during your initial consultation to help you keep track of your treatments. You can learn more by calling our office and scheduling your visit today.

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